Exit Silent Mode

Title : Exit Silent Mode
Release Date : August 1, 2009
Format : Digital Download


  1. Write It Down
  2. Gravitate
  3. The Sin
  4. My Favorite New Disaster
  5. Bad to Good
  6. What If…
  7. Whisper
  8. Uncelebrated
  9. We Were Young
  10. Making Sense
  11. Horse You Rode in On
  12. The Last One

Produced by Matt Bloodwell, Justin O’Neill & Paul Smith
Mixed by Pete Thronton at Plush Studios, assisted by John Rivers
Recorded by Justin O’Neill at Red Hand Productions – Pre-Production and additional recording at Homegrown Recording & Oliver’s House
Mastered by Michael Fuller at Fullersound

All songs written by Matt Bloodwell except: Gravitate, My Favorite New Disaster, We Were Young, by Paul Smith & Matt Bloodwell
What if… by megaphone
Making Sense by megaphone & Matt Brown
The Last One by Matt Bloodwell & Pat Bloodwell

All songs ©2009