All Wrapped Up In A Bow
by Chance

As I post this today, (8-18-2017) it is the birthday of my mentor, teacher and friend, Ron Feldman. He passed away September 5th, 2014. The song in this video was written and performed by one of my best friends, Chance Hutchison. Chance and I were in a band together in high school, The Action, and Ron managed our band. What Ron really did was change our lives. He became the father of our musical life. He saw our passion and helped us develop it. I don’t think he ever really gained anything monetarily from that relationship. But what he gave, and he gave a lot, he got back from us, and all of the many other musicians he taught and mentored. He got to watch everyone he invested his time an energy in blossom and become better musicians and better people. If you watch the video, there is a moment when he sits and smiles, and though he never saw the final version, this is the look he would have given if he had. That was the look you got when you achieved something great in his eyes. He was brutally honest and you had to earn that look. But if he gave you a complement, you knew you really achieved something. His memory inspires me. The memory of him and his brutal honesty combined with his desire to share his gift with those who he knew would truly work hard, motivates me to this day to continue as a musician. It’s what motivated me to write and complete Megaphone’s album, Sending Out a Signal. ( I talk about this in an earlier blog post )  I’m fortunate to have been in this video with some of my favorite people on the planet and some of the most talented musicians I know.  Thanks to Chance for this song and this video! Watching this video 2 and a half years later still inspires me and I hope it may inspire you in some way.

This video is a visual representation of why I do what I do, why I love what I do and why I do what I love! Today I celebrate my friend Ron Feldman, who was born on this day! The rest of the days of the year, I’ll celebrate being the musician that Ron told me I could be! Cheers everyone! – Matt


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