Sending Out a Signal

Sending Out a Signal, the new Megaphone album, is just about to come out. It’s been in the works for so long, it feels kinda weird actually saying that. But, it’s true, it will be out in only a few weeks and I’m very excited for you to finally hear it.  And yes, it will be available at the House of Blues show, June 24th!

A lot happened in the process of making the record. And while it may have taken longer as a result, I think it made it better. It could be just a bunch of songs, but it’s what happens in the process that makes it more.

About 6 years ago, Megaphone kind of stalled out. We went through member changes, our priorities changed and we were all doing different things. Life was happening. Maybe we were done. I don’t know. But, I still wanted to write songs. After realizing things had kind of fallen apart, I took a step back to try to find what it was that made me start Megaphone in the first place. And what I found was, I just wanted to write songs. So, I did. It became my goal to make the best DIY record I could. But early in the process, I lost two people who were instrumental in me becoming a musician and a songwriter. I lost my brother, Pat Bloodwell, in 2012 to suicide due to depression, and my friend, mentor and music teacher, Ron Feldman, in 2014 to cancer. The album now took on a whole new meaning! Now the goal was to complete the record to honor them by making good use of what they gave to me!

Sometimes what goes into making art is not so pretty. But, the results are. Sending Out a Signal is like starting over, square one, a new beginning.  For some, we’re a brand new band, and we might as well be. I’ve gone back to doing things the way I did before the first album. I’m just writing songs and producing music because it’s what I like to do.

So here it is. Goals met, DIY album complete. I’m Sending Out a Signal, I’m reaching out to everyone. And when the signal reaches you, I hope you send it out to someone else. Ron and Pat shared it with me. I put it in Megaphone, and now share it with you. So when it gets to you, keep it going, ok?

Thanks for reading – Matt

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2 thoughts on “Sending Out a Signal

  1. Michelle C 3 years ago

    I’m so excited!! I cannot wait to hear the new CD!

  2. Talmage 3 years ago

    The new song is great! I totally dig it and I can’t wait to hear the rest of Sending Out a Signal. KUDOS to you on such an epic undertaking and major THANKS for your gift of AWESOME music!