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So late February / early March has come and gone and the new megaphone album still isn’t here yet. I know, I know,  but these things take time I guess, a little more time than I expected apparently.  Who knew?  Obviously not me!  A design delay here, a technical issue there and time gets away from you. But, the good news is, even though the process is taking longer than I thought, there is progress! And things are sounding and looking better than expected.

One thing I didn’t realize was slowing things down so much was the album title. I’ve had so many different ideas for the tittle through the whole process, from writing, to recording, to mixing, it just kept kind of changing. But I wasn’t feeling a connection to any of them. That’s important I think. It’s been such a long time since we’ve put out something new, I wanted to feel like whatever statement I was making meant something to me, and wasn’t just a name. It wasn’t like I was agonizing over it. But I would come up with a name, think it was cool, then after a while, “meh”.

And then I got an idea I really liked.

Sending Out a Signal is the next megaphone album. As soon as that idea showed up, the visuals and the artwork started to fall in place. So hang tight, It is running a bit late, but it is on the way very soon.

Thanks for reading this post, and if you liked it, please leave a comment. In fact, I have a question for you: When the new album comes out, would you prefer a digital download or a physical copy (CD)? Or maybe both?


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26 thoughts on “New Album title

  1. Ron Parry 3 years ago

    Both! Digital to listen on my ipod and would live vinyl so i can hang out on the wall. And yes i intend to play it on my college radio show.

    1. Matt Bloodwell 3 years ago

      Right on Ron! thanks for offering to give us a spin on your show!
      You know, I love the idea of vinyl, but it can get really pricey to produce. My question would be, what would be a price that folks would be willing to spend on a megaphone album on vinyl? It would be more expensive than a CD or a digital download. Would enough people want it enough to pay for it? I think it would be really cool. Anyone?

  2. Tiffany Bismarck 3 years ago

    Both! And a private concert! 🙂

    1. Matt Bloodwell 3 years ago

      Awesome! Thanks Tiff. A private show? I’m sure I could arrange that! How many other people would be interested in house concerts? I think that would be cool!

  3. iknowpaulsmith 3 years ago

    Physical copy for certain!

    1. Matt Bloodwell 3 years ago

      Dude! thanks for the comment! so far, it’s 100% thumbs up on the Physical copy. I’m glad that I’m not alone on this. I still love holding the CD in my hand! Digital is quick and easy, but there’s something about having the artwork and stuff that is still cool! Does that make me old school? Cause I’m ok with that.

  4. Jim 3 years ago

    Digital and vinyl would be awesome.

    1. Matt Bloodwell 3 years ago

      check! Thanks for the input. I guess I’m gonna have to look into vinyl.

  5. Talmage 3 years ago

    I dig the title and I’m really looking forward to hearing the new tunes! Personally, I typically go for physical copies and then rip them. I like the idea of limited edition vinyl, though I don’t currently own a turntable.

    1. Matt Bloodwell 3 years ago

      Yo Talmage!
      Me too, I ALWAYS grab a CD copy of my favorite bands albums. Thanks man!

  6. Jennifer 3 years ago

    Digital for me! I can’t wait!!

    1. Matt Bloodwell 3 years ago

      Thanks Jenn. Definitely going to have digital. At one point I thought I was only going to have digital, but I’m learning today, there is a good amount of people that still want physical copies. I think that’s pretty rad!

  7. Luke Davids 3 years ago

    Digital download for the internet fans, Physical CDs for live shows.

    1. Matt Bloodwell 3 years ago

      True! I’m glad to see that CDs are still relevant. Hope you’re doing well Luke.

  8. Michelle 3 years ago

    I say CD. I like to listen to CDs when I travel or get tired of listening to the radio.
    By the way, loved seeing this today. Put a smile on my face.

    1. Matt Bloodwell 3 years ago

      Thanks Michelle! I’m glad that this album makes you smile! You’re really gonna smile when you hear it!

  9. Rob Kiss 3 years ago

    Physical, tangible product please. I appreciate the artwork, liner notes, etc.

    1. Matt Bloodwell 3 years ago

      Thanks Rob, me too!
      Obviously the music is important and that’s why someone buys a CD, but having the visuals and album info give you a fuller experience.

  10. Aubrey Bloodwell 3 years ago

    Love the title!! So excited! Physical copy for sure!

    1. Matt Bloodwell 3 years ago

      Thanks Aubrey. You got it!

  11. Marie 3 years ago

    Definitely a CD format for me, I can do digital downloads but the physical CD Is so much cooler, plus I can ask you lovely gentleman to sign it for me as well!!!

    1. Matt Bloodwell 3 years ago

      We will be happy to sign it for you! Thanks Marie.

  12. Glenn Newton 3 years ago

    Love the title! I always like having a physical copy, but I definitely like to stream as well. Would love to see you get to Jacksonville once it comes out. If I can do any leg work for you, let me know!

    1. Matt Bloodwell 3 years ago

      Hey Glenn. We’ll for sure have CD’s as well as downloadable, digital content. But streaming is a question mark at the moment. it’s hard for an independent artist to make any money on streaming. I think there will be limited streaming options eventually, But at release time, it will be CD and digital downloads for sure.

      I may take you up on the Jacksonville leg work. I’ll get in touch once we get to that point. Thanks for the comment Glenn.

  13. Eva English 3 years ago

    Both!! And a HUGE CD release party! I so can’t wait!

    1. Matt Bloodwell 3 years ago

      Hey Eva! Can’t wait, you and me both!